How do bad psychotherapists

break up good families so easily?

Answer: Through "Recovered Memory Therapy"

That they must cut off all communication with their "toxic" parents.


  If any of these “ring a bell,” she may be in therapy or considering therapy:

This page deals with issues of false memory syndrome

You have had less contact with her than usual.

She becomes depressed, morose, or angry without any apparent reason.

She mentions reading The Courage to Heal, Michele Remembers, Secret Survivors, or books by John Bradshaw, or Fred & Florence Littauer.

You hear that she has sought counseling.

She is secretive about going to counseling or won’t reveal the name of her therapist.

She has shown an unusual interest in her childhood photos.

She asks a lot of questions about the circumstances of her growing up, particularly about being left alone with an older male.

She uses terms like “repressed memories,” “recovered memories,” “body memories,” “validate,” or “group therapy.”

She refers to herself as a “victim”, or “survivor”, or speaks of her “inner child.”

She refers to her parents or family as “dysfunctional”, or as being “in denial.”

She has cut off contact with other family members or friends.

You get a “cutoff” letter asking you not to communicate with her “until she is ready to hear from you again.”

Wake up to the threat hiding in every city in this country.

Most of us will never get our children back...
and it’s all perfectly legal.


The Paid Pipers of Humbug

Are the quack psychotherapists who falsely convince our adult children, primarily daughters, that they have problems today because their fathers sexually molested
them when they were children;

That their mothers knew all about it but did nothing to protect them;

Which of your children, or how many, will you never see again because a “therapist” taught them to hate you?

Parents Against Cruel Therapy

And just a few months before, her letters were full of love and affection. You learn that she has been seeing a psychotherapist and now believes that her father had sexually abused her as a child, and her mother knew all about it but did nothing. And you know that this is absolutely untrue.

How does this happen? Some therapists claim to find repressed childhood memories of rape and torture in her mind. In reality they plant false memories of those things in suggestible patients who come for help with entirely unrelated problems. Some of these “healers” will tell a client that her parents have been guilty of covert or emotional incest, meaning that they had “improper thoughts.” Often, parents are also accused, in horrible detail, of satanic ritual abuse of their own children. In the last decade many parents have been confronted and loudly accused by their daughter and her therapist together.


Your Daughter Writes:

In some cases, demands were made for money for more “treatment.” Sometimes these demands were made in court. At times criminal assault charges were made against the father, and some fathers have spent years in prison as a result. In most cases, these adult children cut off all contact with their parents, some even going into hiding so their parents can never find them.

Since some therapists have been successfully sued for slander, most of them today do not encourage clients to sue their parents. Many of them also realize that their methods are highly suspect and are criticized as dangerous by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association. But many therapists do not belong to any professional association, some have no more than a high school education, and others are not even licensed.

The few stories appearing in newspapers or television about this problem seldom mention that the case they describe is only one of tens of thousands of similar stories. As a result, readers or viewers imagine that, although remarkable, this sort of thing happens only rarely, and certainly not to good people.

Scope of the Problem

Since 1992, over 24,000 families have called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in Philadelphia, begging for help with this problem. To think that all of these callers had sexually abused their own children would be irrational.

Most people accused of a horrible crime, like child abuse, would much rather no one know of the accusation, even if it were false. For some, it’s “What will the neighbors think?” For others it’s a real fear of losing their job.

The fact is that the vast majority of adult children alienated from their parents are white females over the age of seventeen, bright, well educated and financially secure. Could this be your daughter?

Address the problem immediately. The longer it continues, the less likely you will have your daughter in your life.

Do not direct your anger at your daughter. This was no more her fault than if she had caught a cold. She went for help and her therapist has, instead, convinced her that you are the problem, something you did to her when she was a child. She sees the world very differently now. Don’t blame her for not seeing it coming, you have probably been fooled sometime in the past also.

Do not support your daughter’s therapy financially unless you are included in her counseling sessions! If this is refused and you give her money for anything else, she will probably use it to pay her therapist - the very person who may be actively working against your family’s interest.

Do not give your daughter family photo albums or her childhood pictures in your possession. She will take them to her therapist who will then try to point out to her in the photos how unhappy her childhood was. If she’s smiling in a picture, her therapist will tell her that she’s smiling to cover up the pain of your having abused her. The therapist may suggest she “disassociate” herself from her “dysfunctional” parents.

But even if your daughter demands that you not contact her in any way, you should still try to stay in touch with her. Find out how:


If you have seen the


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That they have to recover those memories and re-live the horrible experiences in order to heal;

That they don’t remember it now because they repressed the awful memory, and if they don’t agree, then they are in “denial”;

And most of them do.